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RAOUL DUFY. 1877-1953

280 JULY 14 IN DEAUVILLE. 1933

Oil on canvas. 38 X 92 cm. Inv. No 4068

Signed, inscribed and dated lower right: Raoul Dufy

Deauville 1933

In the 1930s Dufy often painted views of Deauville.

A 1938 variant of the Pushkin Museum picture, Pool

at Deauville, is in a private collection in Paris.

The picture was presented to The Pushkin Museum

by M. Kaganovitch in 1969.

Provenance: Private collection, Bern; The Witzin-

ger Collection, Basle; until 1969 The M. Kaganovitch

Collection, Paris; since 1969 The Pushkin Museum

of Fine Arts, Moscow

Exhibitions: 1938 Paris; 1962 Paris; 1963 Rotterdam,

Cat., p. 32; 1970 Moscow, Cat. 28

Bibliography: Antonpva 1977, No 131

280 JULY 14 IN DEAUVILLE. 1933

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